5 Hair Accessories Every Women Should Try Once


When I was little I hated putting stuff on my head just like any other kid. But I am a different person now and surprisingly I find hair accessories really practical and a great way to add an oomph factor to hairstyles. I generally use any kind of hair accessory I can get my hands on during super bad hair days which is one of the top reasons I love discovering new hair embellishments.

So, today I am ready to share my 5 favorite hair accessories that I feel are really easy to style and pieces that every woman should try once in a while.

1| Metal Ponytail Cuff

We love ponytails as they’re simple and stay in place all day without bothering us. But the truth is that sometimes a simple ponytail can get incredibly boring too. So, here’s a chic accessory that will make your ponytail look far from simple. Ponytail cuffs were noticed on runways in 2014 and have been popular ever since.

Metal Ponytail Cuff hair accessories

Cuff Ponytail Holder (Gold) - hair accessories

Cuff Ponytail Holder (Gold)

2| Bandana Wrap

This one is really a summer/spring accessory but this is the first thing I look for whenever I have a bad hair day, doesn’t matter what season. I usually wrap a bandana around my head or use a ready-made bow headwrap and pull my hair into a top knot.

Bandana headWrap hair accessories Headwrap hair accessories

Denim Dot Soft Headwrap BUY 1,get 1 Free

3| Bow Clip

Don’t treat this accessory as something only kids can sport. There are many ways you can flaunt a pretty bow clip like a grown up. Here are a bunch of hairstyles to give you some inspiration.

bowclip hair accessories


Bow Clip hair accessories

Large GrosGrain Knot Hair Bow

4| Studded Bobby Pins

Instead of using regular bobby pins, use embellished bobby pins to lift the look of your hairdo. They go great on buns, ponytails or simply stick it in your hair to keep your bangs out of the face.

Studded Bobby Pins hair accesories


Bobby Pins

5| Turban Cap

If you haven’t given turban head wraps a shot yet, you probably should. This too is great option to tackle a bad hair day situation and looks super chic. The look is perfect for a casual day out, shopping, lunch with friends etc.

turban hat - hair accessories turban hat hair accessories

Turban Hat Head Cover Sun Cap

Written by: Rosy Lawrence

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