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Who hasn’t heard of the name Adidas? It is synonym for very successfull brand and almost everyone can recognize the Trefoil and the three strips that run next to it as the logo of one of the most successful sport oriented brands in the world.

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Being one of the most popular brands, Adidas has been dressing up men and women for a long time now. A lot of people seem to think that Adidas is an American brand. But the truth is that the brand is actually German and it had to struggle a lot to reach where it is now. The company was created by a German designer Adolph Dassler in 1920’s. The name of the brand “Adidas” came from the designer’s own name; “Adi” from his nickname and “Das” from his surname.

adolph desler adidas

Like almost all other great designer businesses in the world, Adidas had very humble beginnings. The company initially focused on creating trainers that were supportive and performance enhancing. But soon the company progressed to creating clothes for men and women as well and now the company has created several new lines such as Adidas Original which is highly popular among youngsters.


Even now the clothes that Adidas produces continue to be sports oriented. The company creates everything from trainers to sports bags, from rowing machines to socks and from tracksuits to footballs. This is the reason why when you are ever in need of anything related to sports you would immediately think of the brand Adidas.

The popularity of Adidas comes from both its great design and comfort that the Adidas goods provide. Sportsmen would understand the great need of comfort and performance enhancing goods they require and Adidas understands this need and focuses on producing merchandise that men, women and kids all can wear. The Adidas tracksuits and shirts allow you great freedom of movement. The clothes from Adidas are not just for sports, but they are also perfect for everyday life. The products from Adidas are both fashionable and durable. You can wear them every day and they would still last for a long time. So if you want trendy sportswear or any other sports related goods visit your nearest Adidas store today.

adidas men ware

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