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African fashion of clothing has changed overtime and from the 20th century they have a great impact on clothing so as a result they trading the clothes from the western countries. They are mostly influence from the Arabian and European clothing especially in the northern region, because they love their embroideries and design.

African Fashion Show\Mostly the modern Americans love to wear shirts, western styled pants, shoes and dresses and others are continuing to combine the new and old tradition cloth with the western styles. They live in that region where only the traditional clothing is reflected. Let’s discuss some of its dresses design which they love to wear.

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African Fashion Special with Traditional ClothesBoubous dresses which are also called Kaftans is a part of African Fashion. They are fully embodied robes. Mostly this type of garment worn by East African Women today but originally it is worn by West African men.

It is totally made of silk or cotton and contains button down the front. Many countries in West Africa such as Mali, Senegal and Ghana contain this traditional clothing.

Now if we talk about the African’s women clothing they are in different styles, with the different prints and color from earth tones to the vibrant indigo’s. In their clothing it includes elaborate motifs, beaded skirts, blankets and veils.

The Latest Dress Model at African Fashion

African Fashion are also well known For their colorful jewelry. Normally their jewelry is made up of from grass, beads and copper. The women are who are living in South Africa’s Gauteng province which loves their clothing of the bead work. Their African dresses are known for the flamboyant designs and their styling.

African Fashion PromotionAfrican common garment shows full figure of women and it continues and become a part young African women dresses today and now they are characterized by their designs and symbols. The Royal African Queen wear is worn by the mostly African royalty.

Latest African Fashion Edition

If we talk about the men clothing in African Fashion, they wear Kanga and Kite gas which are like T-shirts and in hot weather they are mostly around the waist. Their national dress is dashiki shirt with a long sleeved which they wear with the matching pants and a Kofia which is a type of Hat. Overall there dressing our different from our dressing but there colors and embroidery are loved by the people.

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