African Fashion Week


Every country has their own style of fashion which is so varied and different between each others. Well now my focus comes to Africa, one of friendly country and the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent. Black or dark skin is one of characteristic people there. But there dark type of skin can create a new fashion style, did you know how?  Sometimes people are thinking that dark skin is not able to use any bright color of clothes or dresses and also not as much matching to use dark color of clothes. That’s wrong perception, in my opinion if you have dark skin you will more good looking with bright color of clothes, such as Blue Ocean, orange, red, green, and many other colors. Bright clothes and dark skin can create an awesome combination performance.

Same as with other country, Africa have their weekly fashion update, which are famous with name African Fashion Week. If you look at their collection you will be so amazed, you will found colorful models of clothes with exotic combination colors. Start from casual model, formal and party dresses collection you can found there. Well, let’s check the collection of African Fashion Week and choose the best model and colors combination for you.

Long Dress

Sexy and Glamour Long Dress

Long Dress

Best Blue Edition

Casual Style

Casual Style with Minimalist Concept

African Fashion Week

African Fashion Week’s Gown


Simple but Elegant Performance

Best Clothes Ever

Best Collection with Unique Ideas Looks so Outstanding

Pink Dresses

Pink Long Dress Concept

Cute Soft Dresses

Cute Short Dress Design

Awesome Dress Design

Awesome Dress Design

Strips Dresses

Strips Dresses Motif with Varied Color

Unique Accent of Clothes

Unique Ideas with Silver Gold Combination

A Lot of Colors Combination

Bright Colors Combination so Outstanding

So Stylish Concept

Exotic Model with Stylish Concept

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