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Alek Wek was born in Southern area of Sudan and elevated as part of the Dinka Tribe. At Age 14, the Civil War forced her to abscond to London along her younger sister. Her career in modeling started when she was speckled by a model scout at an avenue fair. She was then named as Model of the Decade by magazine named “I-D magazine” and adorn the covers of the world’s top going fashion magazines.

Alek Wek  Sweaters

In her spare time, Alek Wek accompanies her affection for art and design, painting, including her line of couture fashion accessories and handbags, named “Alek Wek 1933 Ltd”. In the year 2008, Alek released her autobiography, named “Alek: From Sudanese Refugee to International Supermodel”.

Alek Wek Simple Red DressAlek Wek New Design

Alek Wek has been addressing the little spare time she has to optional passion: design. She has stated what she has well-informed from her years in the industry with her artistic natural ability to create a line that is a true consideration of her. Judging by the astronomic success of her distinguished line of handbags (Alek Wek 1933); Alek is balanced to become a force to be reckoned with on both sides of the fashion business.

A suite of three graduated diamond necklaces was created by Alek Wek which was scattered with rose motifs. They can be culled together with a spectacular diamond brooch, worn joined to form a long suitor or separately. The embrace itself can also be worn as a pendant or brooch.

Alek Wek New Fashion

All of the 16 rose motifs contain an adorable Forever mark diamond at its heart. Combining all, this piece contains almost 19,196 diamonds, all of which are seen as handset. It weighs almost 168 carats and took 2,400 man-hours to make it. Alek Wek processed with “Forever mark Diamantaire Dimexon” to create her design, which she want to do.

Alek Wek with Her Boyfriend

As a profitable legendary supermodel and handbag designer with affection for design, Alek Wek was captivated to aid in the Forever mark Precious Collection. In her own words Alek Wek says: “This was an opportunity to design a jewelry piece using my own background and life experiences as my inspiration.”

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Alek Wek Blond Hair Style

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