Aquamarine in fashion


When you ask me what gemstone to use with your favorite dress, my answe would be definitely Aquamarine. It si not so rare as diamond so it is not so pricy. Rare deep blue colors are hard to find so when you have oportunity  to own it take good care of it. In next few year his value will increas dramatically.

aquamarine in fashionBut let’s go few steps back. First you need to cut it. Gamestone faceting is an art and mpt many people know how to do it properly. You must carefully think who to trust your precious Aquamarine. Value of gem will also increas when it is hand cut and untreted with any kind of chemicals. Aquamarines are mostly heated. This kind of tretment will not reduce price but it is desirable if it is not treated in any way.

Aquamarine gemstone roughWith this lovely blue gem you can produce stunning jewelry and it is timeless in fashion industry. If you ask me – better own great looking and big blue Aquamarine than small D, E color diamond. Think out of box. With much less money you can buy much more stunning engagement ring or like a anniversary gift.  But don’t go to low. It must be genuine, natural and good color. See below some examples.

aquamarine and diamond ring
4.50 Carat Aquamarine & Diamond Ring in White Gold

heart earrings aquamarine

2.04Ct Heart Aquamarine Earrings in 14k White Gold

My advice at the end is next: Don’t buy AAA quality Aquamarine or Diamond in a ring or earring. They get damaged during time and they lose value very quick. Buy medium quality but good color Aqua and if you have some money left  – mix it with diamonds 🙂 

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