Baby boys clothes


By my opinion baby boys clothes should made out of natural materials and with simple design. I love Scandinavian textures and their color picks. Blue petrol color is very popular this year and also grey looks always great on baby boy. Something similar to picture below. Don’t spend to much on ”baby design peaces” because they just grow so fast and they will wear it maybe few times.

Baby boys clothes

Carter’s Baby Boys 2-Piece Outfit

I found some adorable Baby boy models. They probably don’t imagine, how great they look. They just enjoy every second of their life.

Baby boys clothes fashion

Baby boys clothes fashion 2

Baby boys clothes fashion 3


My Baby boy clothes this summer would be beside Petrol blue and grey also in mint and yellow color. Dress your angel like you feel it is the right and good looking! I think baby trends doesn’t really exist and we make them by ourselves. We maybe take a look at trendy colors of the present year and then dress our babies. All babies are cute anyway so you can’t really go wrong. They will look amazing with our without some designer clothes on.

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