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Bangs HairstyleThey are in different kinds that you can apply for your hair but this is the right method of any hair style that it is matching with your face shape. It is very necessary that you should aware of your face shape because different face shapes are too problem of your fashion way for example some women’s have round shape faces, some round, square, diamond, heart, triangle and oval faces if you are choosing a hairstyle for your hair but if you don’t know that this is not matching you face shape so it will look very bad.

Through using the bangs hairstyles you can make your face shape beautiful, you can make yourself younger, hide your heavy weight and can prominent of your features .You can hide your big for head and make beautiful the different shapes of your face also. Here we talk about three kinds of bangs hairstyles. Sides swept bangs, Brow skimming heavy bangs, short bangs. We are giving some instructions about bangs below that are for different shaped faces.

 Kim Kardashian with Bangs hairstyle

Bangs Hairstyle Golden

Black Bangs Hairstyle

Japanese Bangs Hairstyle

bangs hairstyle for square and round faces:

Every time when you want to make bangs styles for your hair then remember that if your face is round so you must make the short blunt bangs for your face and if your face is square then layered and long bangs are very suitable for you.

Bangs Hairstyle for rounded face

Celebrities bangs Hairstyle

bangs hairstyle for other shaped faces:

If your face is oval, diamond, heart or another shape then you should not apply the short blunt bangs because it is not suitable for you. It will disturb the balance of your forehead and in your chin area. Oval faces people can apply any bang styles and any flattering styles because it will suit with your face.

Wave Bangs Hairstyle

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