BB creams – A secret miracle


BB creams is a cosmetics product which stands for Blemish Balm or Beblesh Balm which was developed in Germany in 1950s by a dermatologist Christine Schrammek. It was made in order to smooth down the skin and to give it flawless coverage. Patients who had laser surgery were given the bb creams.hanskin super magic Blemish Balm creamBB creams gained their popularity in South Korea at first from where it spread in all Asia. Korean actress used it and credited to their ‘flawless skin’, instead of foundations and hence it became popular in whole world.

A BB cream gives that essential coverage against wrinkles, blemishes and redness. It is a better substitute for a foundation since the consistency of the liquid is very light and teenage girls can also use them. It also provides protection against sun as it contains SPF. It contains the right amount of SPF which will not make your skin end up looking gooey. bb cream before afterIt has moisturizer in it too which will lock inside your skin. BB creams also have ingredients which can improve the condition of your skin, help acne and even out your skin tone. There are also anti-aging properties in it.Bobbi Brown brfore after BB CreamWomen around the world are crazy about it now. A beauty product with multi-task properties, who doesn’t want it? If you want that flawless glow on your skin with very little effort, buy just one product. The best thing about it is that it can suit any skin type.

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BB cream product line, there are hundred of companies making it now days.Blemish Balm    Maybelline BB Cream

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