Tips To Choose The Best Belt For Men


Ralph Lauren beltBelt is an important accessory for men. There is more importance of it if you are using formal dress. For women the modern, stylish and in fashion look is more important while men more concentrate on the quality of the brands they wear. There are endless accessories for women, for example if we just take the jewelry the variety will never finished. For formal dressing a man just required a good quality suit with tie and a pair of shoes with matching belt.

The Most Expensive Belt

The belt usually we buy from where we already bought the shoes, and we try to match the it with our shoes. Anyone have experience that they have a quality belt and they searching a matching fancy pair of shoes for it? Its can be possible as i was just go through to search the best brands on web, i found there are some belts which are extremely expensive. One i found there from Gucci, which make me amazed. The price of it is $256,970and rarely available in the open market. The buckle uses 250 grams of platinum and 30 carat worth of diamonds, to create the logo of Gucci. Here is the picture also, now this will be the product for which you will search a same value of shoes.


World most expensive Gucci Diamond Belt, with price of $256,970

Picking up the Best Belt

The above i just share about what i got while my searching, this Gucci product can be just a dream for me. So who make the quality belts?, this the question come in mind. There is a huge variety and brands available in market which really make it difficult to choose the right one. First of all we need to know there is two types, one is formal and other is casual. Casual defiantly you can wear on jeans trousers etc..While formal is use for only dress pants. How to know and differentiate the casual and formal? The answer is simple the casual belt buckle will be wide as you thumb, more wider than it means its casual. formal are usually sport a glossy, reflective finish, while casual are more often found in flat, muted shades and textures.

belt for men

Is it a Casual Belt or Formal?

Types of Skins

There are three type of skins, the belts usually we see in malls and supermarkets will be variation of calfskin. The skin is smooth and shiny and its costs around $10 to $50.

ostrich skin belt

Ostrich skin is not smooth and it’s not for everyone. These belts need high confidence of fashion wearing.

lizard skin belt

Lizard are expensive belts from crocodile and alligator skin, as you can see in the picture above. It’s can cost you around $1000.

Louis Vuitton, Armani, Gucci and Hugo Boss are the best brands available in market. Ralph Lauren belt are also popular for office use.

leather banana republic belt

Gentlemen cow hide Genuine leather

Leather Belt For men

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