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Every person absolutely have their own hairstyle because it depict to what is truly themselves. That isn’t different from celebrity who they mostly focus on their hairstyle. It’s true that those celebrities demanded to follow new trend in public and also do hairstyle based on their personality which is people can see who the real they are.

Jessica Alba with Shiny Brown celebrity hairstyleMost of celebrities especially actress generally use wavy hairstyle that is look glamor and natural. Only use flat iron then give it few rotation start from the middle to the end of the hair then a wavy have successfully made. Just like Jessica Alba hairstyle where she look pretty and easy imitated.
Black Long Curly celebrity hairstyleAnother style is shown by Selena Gomez where she use cute curly hairstyle showed her cute side as women. By reuse traditional doll hairstyle make her appearance look chic. She choose with little curly, while the upper side she let it keep straight to give natural side. She completely looks like a pretty and nice traditional doll compatible with her soft personal.
Nicole Bob hairstylesThere is also Asymmetrical Bob style of Nicole Sleek. If you have short hair, you don’t need confuse about how to treat it. This style only need flat iron then rotate it until creating beauty messy. Let front hair keeps straight so it doesn’t leave the firm. A strong and cool of girl personality will appear from this style.
Brown Short celebrity hairstylesIf your personality is totally rock soul, you can consider short punk hairstyle as Keira Knightley with clearly short almost hairless around middle head to underneath. It’s only left little about 10 cm short on upper side in order to give rock style then become casual and trendy modern style.

So which one do you think the best of popular celebrity hairstyle which people may attracted to? Once again, style that you have choose is not only about how to look trendy, but it’s also decide of what is the real of us.
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