Six Best Hairstyles For Long Hair


Long hair is vintage and elegant. Our society surmises it as being effeminate, charming and attractive. This flirtatious and spicy commodity is the best accessory a woman can wear. She can toss it over her shoulder, tie it up in a ponytail, braid it and act all demure with it. Everyone from artists to rockers to elite has worn it well over the years. For these rationales and more, long hair draped over a female head presents one of the most beautiful and chivalrous natural coverings in Nature.

Straight Long HairstyleIt’s the brief details that keep the lean look crispy and modish .Whether its slender fluffy layers, bold perky bangs or twisted ends, these profound shifts take voluminous strands to the next level, creating a chic silhouette worth cherishing
So, if you want a change, there are so many alluring ways to wear your long hair.

Long Sleek Hairstyle:

The long sleek look has all the attributes of a classic look. The style is diverse and can be styled with side or middle partitioning. Exquisite care should be taken for this look because split ends and dry hair will kill the style.

Layered Hairstyle:

layered hairstyleLayers add a vigorous energy and liveliness to hair. Layers are one of the most popular cutting style which lessen some of the mass in thick hair as well as add maneuver and volume to fine. Opting for layers is brilliant idea to get rid of chaotic texture. Play up your appearance and give a versatile structure to your locks with soft or heavy layers depending on your choice.

Cut Blunt Bangs:

elena gomez straight blunt bangsBangs mold any hairstyle can make you look sensuous and sophisticated. Bangs pretty Up Straight Hair and are perfect for adding an instant cool look and some edge to a bland hairstyle if cut to flatter face shape. Something blunt or delicate, perfectly styled gives a whole new outlook.


ponytailWhile talking about ponytails, the higher the ‘do, the better. You chuck your hair up, pull it through a pony, and yes it’s done. Everyone knows that it’s a no-brainer and the simplest way to tie it. A ponytail can be tied up in a various ways. It can be wrapped with hair or a braid, sides can be braided, texture can be added on top, braiding up the back, flipping it inside out and many more are different ways of dressing up a ponytail.


From fishtails to waterfalls and milkmaids, there is a great deal of various braid styles out there. Modern styles may come and go but the classics are everlasting. Worn by celebrities or girls leading to school, a weave is an easy-to-achieve look that anyone can meliorate. The style is popular all over the world among different age groups.

Bun Hairstyle:

dianna agron bun hairstyle

Dianna Agron Bun Hairstyle

Bun hairstyle has been charming women since its first impression. While it has taken on many shapes (ballerina, knot, braided) and significations (in Chinese history, a woman’s bun unveiled her marital status), it is a true style statement. A glam up for a polished look or even just to mask a bad day. Now the bun is seeing spicy remakes at every turn. Stylists are reinventing the wheel, producing new, cute ways to wrap hair around a ponytail.

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