Best Wig-Makers in the Beauty Game


Meet the 5 Best Wig-Makers in the Beauty Game

Wig industry is a mammoth one today with these false hairs being used by not just celebrities but people from all walks of life to enhance their personality. If wig making was not a respectable profession only a few decades ago, it has become a very profitable business that has brought name and fame for the most successful of the entrepreneurs in this profession. If you do not know anything about these people, this article will introduce the top 5 wig makers of the world to you:

1.     Kim Kimble


At the top of the list is Kim Kimble, a woman who is today making wigs for the biggest names in Hollywood. She is based in L.A where she runs a salon called Kim Kimble Hair Studio. Kim rose to the top of wig making profession after designing beautiful wigs for pop diva Beyonce. Kim is best remembered for her work done in hair department for movies like Austin Powers in Goldmember, Dreamgirls, and The Score. Kim has launched her own line of wigs and hair extensions called HairDrobe. This hard working American hairstylist today has a net worth of more than $1.5million.


2.     Stacey Butterworth


2nd on this list is again a woman called Stacey Butterworth. She is the hairstylist who gave Hollywood heartthrob John Travolta an entirely new look as a defense attorney in the popular TV series The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story. She has been working as a wig maker for the last 25 years and her exceptional work can be seen in The X Files (Gillian Anderson) and X-Men (Hugh Jackman). She also gave Jennifer Lawrence a mesmerizing look in American Hustle. Stacey is earning an income of more than $75k annually with her wig making business.


3.     Shon Hyungsun


Shon is a very creative wig maker known primarily for creating beautiful wigs for his client Katy Perry. These wigs look very real as can be seen during red carpet events attended by Katy Perry.

Shon is a celebrity himself on Instagram where he has more than 16 thousand followers. He remains in great demand among celebrities who get interesting wigs made by him for their performances.


4.     Issac Davidson


Issac was a hairstylist who fell in love with this craft after attending a workshop run by a wig maker. His hard work paid off and he is today the owner of a wig design studio in New York. He also makes custom wigs for celebrities these days. His wigs that allow the user to hide their faces have become very popular. He is in news these days for suing Nicki Minaj for $30 million.


5.     Terrence Davidson



Terrence is a self proclaimed wig master. He has been creating wigs for more than 2 decades but he came into prominence only after he created a wig for singer and performer Nicki Minaj. It is his creations that are behind Minaj’s ever changing hairs from pastel to platinum and even multicolored.

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