Bestselling Amazon fashion and beauty books we love and must have


Bestselling Amazon fashion and beauty books we love and must have

1. 100 Natural Beauty Tips That Will Make You Beautiful Forever

People have been searching for the best techniques for optimal health and beauty for many years. Sparelli provides natural beauty tips to keep yourself beautiful forever based on her years of research in the beauty world as well as talking to the experts. You are assured to be wowed at these excellent tips. With 100 tips, there are a probably at least a few tips you were not familiar with before. This book is over 100 pages long.


2. How To Be Chic And Elegant: Tips From A French Woman

How To Be Chic and Elegant was first published as an ebook in November 2011. The Kindle version fast became a cult classic and has not been out of the top rankings in its categories since February 2012. Marie-Anne Lecoeur, French author of “Pear Shape”, “Plus Size” and “The Tidy Closet”, gives you over 200 simple tips in this book that will propel you to sidewalk model in no time at all. Here are just a few of the subjects covered: The principles of French elegance The secrets of achieving a French Woman’s Style Over 200 TIPS to attain that Chic Look Which clothes to avoid at all costs Many women are crying out for the secrets of effortless French Chic. Here, in one small book, you have those secrets and more besides.This book is direct and straightforward, with no waffle or padding. Apply the tips right away, and literally see results in the mirror immediately. Save money on impulse purchases and learn to sharpen your style eye. Follow this French Author’s simple instructions and start hearing the compliments roll in! Adopt the timeless style of Chic French women today.


Do you love to buy new purses and handbags? Do you want to learn what type of fashion handbag matches your body type? Would you like to know how to tell an authentic designer handbag from a fake? If you’ve ever been told that you are addicted to handbags and purses, and want the answers to these questions, then read this book to learn more!
As women, we love to look great and keep up with the trends. Getting the newest handbags and purses can be an easy way to update an old outfit. This book will show you tips and tricks for seasonal trends, and how to feed your purse addiction when you’re on a budget. Also, you’ll even learn about throwing a purse party, where you can get more purses and even make money at the same time! But there’s even more; you’ll discover what purses matches your body type, so you can focus on getting the right style to accentuate your natural beauty and shape.


New Year s resolutions have never been easier to keep than with Better Each Day. Its hundreds of tips add up to a big impact on well-being. Using the latest scientific findings from experts in the fields of nutrition, mental health, fitness, and psychology, respected journalist Jessica Cassity presents 365 proven and easy-to-achieve tips for feeling more confident, getting fit, clearing away worry and fear, improving relationships, and much more. Readers can work the tips day by day, or dip in and out of the book at will. With fascinating facts on the science behind self-improvement, this is an engaging and inspiring read perfect for anyone looking to feel healthier, and, of course, happier!


This eBook is a short guide for middle-aged women on how to look younger. The steps will guide you through looking 15 years younger in 15 days. I followed these steps and wanted to help other people accomplish the same goal. All of steps are researched and this eBook contains scientific and proven information.  Many of the steps are fun and easy to do.

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