Booties A High Heel Shoe For Women


Booties are available in many forms for women. They come in ankle high; knee high, calf high and thigh high. With a wide range of colors, prices and styles there is whole palace for booties for women. It’s a fashion icon which can be used during all times. They give one a sense of confidence.sienna keira laceup bootiesThere are many advantages of having a pair of booties. They can keep you warm in cooler months. They are weatherproof and waterproof too. They are very comfortable and durable as well compared to other shoes. Depending on the type of outfit, booties can make you look cute, chic, formal, casual, sexy or professional at the same time. You can always wear fuzzy boots over your skinny or leggings. With high boots wear a skirt which is higher than the knee. A spiked heel boot gives a formal type look and they look really good with any pair of jeans. Cowboy boots are also very popular nowadays.genuine leather booties womenWhen shopping for the boots, always keep in mind your needs. Look for the comfortable, qualitative and affordable shoes. Booties can be really expensive if they are from a brand. But you can always buy the cheaper ones from many retailers out there. Many shops sell out the boots at low cost for women. If you want a certain brand then know that those shoes will be more durable or comfort, hence the added cost.

Always try out the boots especially the longer ones to make sure they fit your foot and calf perfectly. Look for the quality of the sole, the quality of the material if its flexible or not. The sole should not be slippery. If the boots are made of leather, than they will be expensive even though they will stay for longer time period. Ask your shoe provider on how to maintain your boots especially if they are expensive.
There are booties available in all colors, but black and brown are the most popular ones. If you buy a new pair of boots, then they will be your best treasure.

booties fashion week trendModels using Booties with confidence.booties sexy legs

booties to wear with Skinny JeansBooties can look perfect with tight skinny jeans.brown booties inspiration  Gucci bonnie high heel bootiesGucci bonnie high heel booties.heidi montag booties

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