Bracelet One of Popular Accessories


Best dresses and best make up play an important role of making a man’s personality; like that jewelry is a too most important thing there. Jewelry is incomplete thing without of bracelet.  Bracelet is an important part of jewelry though the past time. Some where people used bracelet like a sign of engagement some people give their new married wife as the gift of marriage, some people give their relatives as a birthday gift. Mean that its plays an important role in every function party or ceremony. Many people use it as their family tradition .It is in different shapes, different design and different prices today. In earlier days people were used the bracelet only in the expensive metals like gold and silver. But through the passes of the time it has a large public demand and one reason is dearness now people use it in many other metals, like gold, silver, copper, glass and plastic.

Simple bracelet Simple Gold Bracelet Pearl Bracelet with Elegant Model Blue Glass Bracelet Luxury Gold BraceletThe people who are rich and who are famous personalities use them in gold, white gold and diamonds. White gold is a very precious thing and very beautiful in looking. Girls wear it with very fondly. If she is a poor a rich, a big personality or a simple girl, if their a dresses are fancy or simple and if she is going on a party or in home she like to wear it very much. Girls buy the bracelet about the matching of their dresses and wear it very fondly. In villages most quantity of the women wears the glass material as the sign of their live husband. It is an Eid day or marriage ceremony glass bracelets are very popular in the major quantity of women.

Pearl BraceletIn earlier days bracelets were very simple but now through the passes of the time they are very establishes. Now printed and fancy concept of it are very popular in fashion. Metals wire and pearls are use in fancy bracelet. They are very beautiful and nice in looking. If the girls use  it about the matching of their dresses so make their arms more beautiful in looking. Plastic bracelets that are contrasted and printed are looking more beautiful, they is too in fashion. Glass bracelet is very popular in every one.  Like the other countries in Pakistan and Bharat bracelet is very popular if it is an eid or a holy day shopkeepers sell the large quantity of bracelet and earn the double money of their prices. You shall see the bracelet stalls and large crowed of women’s in everywhere.

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