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Bag is now days become a primary equipment for every people, woman and men, also from a kids to adult, all are maximum wearing bags. Some people also make a bag as their fashion or accessories. So, How you choosing bags for your self, what requirement you need? Ar is it depend on the model, depend on the brands company, the price, the colors, or the latest edition? But as i know the primary reason to choosing bag is depend on the event, where they wanna go? Depend on their style of clothes, for example you are wearing casual clothes, i m sure you will choose casual bag which are matching with your fashion style.

About the price, model, colors, or price its also important requirement to choose the bags, but this all depend on each people favor. Now i wanna share about few pictures of my casual bags collection, yeah i more like casual bags than other type of bags for my daily activity, because casual bag is more simple and comfortable. I m so thankful to Lutfiah and Safira for being my model at this page, thanks a lot. Well, lets we see few pictures of my casual bag collection.

Small Bally Bag Design for Girls so Casual

Small Bally Bag Design for Girls so Casual

Small Black Bag Design

Sporty and Casual Combination Bag’s Style

Black and Brown Polo Gear Bag

Duo Polo Gear Bags with Black and Dark Brown Colors

Casual Elizabeth Bag

Casual Black Elizabeth Bag Look so Elegant

Dark Brown Polo Gear Bag

Dark Brown Polo Gear Bag with Casual Model

Black Polo Gear Bag

Black Polo Gear Bag so Casual and Simple

Medium Bally Bag's Size

Casual Bally Bag Design with Medium Size

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