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If we ask ourselves – why do we wear hats we can get a lot of various answers. People wear hats to keep them warm. They also wear them to attract attention,to show ethnicity, for religious or political reasons, to show status,to accessorize an outfit and much more. Hats are important part of our outfit. In this article, we will pay attention to hat designers and on hats as an outfit accessorie.

Eugenia Kim

Brand was born in 1998. Collection also include scarves, gloves, belts and shoes. In 2004 Eugenia was awarded the honor of ‘Accessories Designer of the Year’ by the CFDA. Her hats are clean, classic shapes with a fresh feminine modernity. Signature elements of Eugenia Kim are unexpected details, bold colors and high-quality materials. Her accessories are headquartered and handmade in New York City.

blake-hat-eugenia-kim hats

eugenia kim hat 2

celebrity weare eugenia kim hats

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Kangol was established in Cumbria, England in 1938. Brand maintains a reputation for crafting world-class headwear. It is said the name Kangol® derives from Knit ANGora woOL. Their berets are originally worn by the British Military in WWII. Kangol today is a cultural fusion, taking the best of British Heritage, retro hip-hop and mixing it with future fashion.

kagol by mark by mark jacobskagol hat

kagol hat2

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Gabriella Rocha

 Gabriella Rocha is the brand for today’s young and hip crowd. A Gabriella Rocha’s woman knows how to show off her playful side. She is spirited, passionate and enjoys her freedom. She can go anywhere and do anything she sets her mind on. A trend-setter with an eye toward the future, the hip, young woman is a carefree in life and bursting with energy.

gabriella rocha knitted hat

gabriella rocha hat 2

gabriella rocha hat 3

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