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retro styleSince Mad Men made its début appearance in July 2007 Retro / vintage clothing has made a huge revival. What with Michael Kors 2010 collection being evidently retro inspired and main stream stores dedicating floor space to vintage clothing it’s hard to ignore that something triggered the trend.

For anyone who is a dedicated retro follower, these recent years of publicity and revival have made retro shopping a little steep on the pocket. With stores popping up left right and center selling second hand beauties, which would have been the dedicated retro lovers cheap find, if only retro hadn’t become trendy.

The steep inflation of retro goodies makes you beg to ask the question if second hand genuine it is really the best way forward, do the true retro’s have to start evolving if they want to remain out of debt and in clothing.

retroEBay will still give you a brilliant find however there appears to be a lot more competition for genuine retro clothing, meaning the prices are often inflated. Recently I bid on and won a genuine 60’s afghan coat for £80, lined through out with sheep’s skin and an outer layer of blue suede. Personally I still think £80 is a reasonable price especially when you consider that if I were to have purchased this in a vintage store it would have no doubt coat £150 and above.

Finding affordable vintage has become tricky but finding good quality and well-made imitation vintage has never been easier. This is where the dedicated retro’s have to evolve. Not all imitation vintage is good quality and understandably this can put any self respecting clothes lover off however there a few fashion labels which still put quality of design and fit first.

Fever is one such retro store that has a wide range of beautiful and affordable clothes.  Fever designers travel the world in search of genuine retro articles which also means that they have a wonderfully wide range of styles, even including retro wedding dresses!

It doesn’t have to mean old, after all new can be just as beautifully tailored and elegantly made if your willing to not have to search high an low for it! Visit Fever designs if your interested in having a look at there spring / summer range.

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