The Dior Girl – Jennifer Lawrence


The Dior Girl – Jennifer Lawrence


The past two years were successful for America’s new sweetheart – Jennifer Lawrence. She is best known for her leading role as Katniss in the ‘Hunger Games’ trilogy. We cannot deny that the actress is talented and nothing more proves that she had gotten her first ever Academy Award this February for her role in the movie ‘Silver Lining Playbook.’

We love Jennifer Lawrence, not only because she is talented young lady who has a healthy thinking about women’s image, herself and for this fact Jennifer became a huge inspiration. Also, women love Jennifer because throughout the years she grew into a fashion icon and remained the same person. No wonder why the Dior had chosen her as the face for their campaign and their handbag collection. The mood and the style of the pictures is a very minimalist and monochrome one, only the bags bring in a little bit of color.

jennifer-lawrence-dior-2.jpg w=579&h=724

If these facts aren’t enough, count on the many Dior gowns she wore. For example, the divine Dior dress she was dressed in at the Oscars. It was so magical and stunning that we also can imagine as a wedding dress. Another Dior dress of her was this sheer bodysuit type bold dress. It’s extravagant and young.


Also we cannot forget the radiant red Dior evening gown she wore at the Golden Globes. The gorgeousness reaches the highest level with the black belt on the waist


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