Miss Dior Perfumes


All people in this world certainly love a good scent. If a person is bad scented, they will be avoided by other people around them. A scent is really important for every one since it does not only function as a fascination, but also believed to influence a career. Because of that, many people are struggling to get the best perfume suitable for them  with the aim to show their personality.Perfume by Christian Dior
perfume for women by christian diorNow a fashion beauty product of Dior has launched the new perfumes in some types and different comfortable scents. This is called as Miss Dior Cherie 2005 which all the shape are square with a nice ribbon the front up of the bottle. The first is Miss Dior Couture Edition perfumes which is created for elegant and lovely romantic of young women. You who are constitute the characteristic like that may suitable with this subtle cream orange perfume moreover it has a touch of grace and high fashion. Special for the bottle has a real soft orange ribbon which is totally looks nice.

Natalie Portman Miss Dior EDP CampaignNext is Miss Dior EDP is also created for elegant and spirited young women, as its composition of glide from the sharp charm of fresh, fruity, citrus note of Italian Mandarin. It is highlighted by the luxury patchouli and blossoming of floral note of jasmine.

Miss Dior EDTThen about Miss Dior EDT which is still designed by the house perfumer of Francois Demachy. This perfume is give a sensation of spring smell with a blossoming flower garden. The fragrance feature a chypre accord, which then brightened with a springtime spirit of floral accent.

Miss Dior Eau FraicheMiss Dior Eau Fraiche is described as elegant and bold. Images a feminine and sensual accent of a young women, it create a new clime, in which a lightness and elegance come together deeply and sensual. The fragrance open with a fresh fruity accent of sparkling citrus notes and green galbanum at the top.

Miss Dior Blooming BouquetThe last one has a interest sight form it color, named Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is a fresh tender for today’s young ladies. This delicate floral bouquet composed of peony accord at the heart and subtle sparkling fruity notes.

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