Dsquared Spring Summer 2013


What is inside your brain when we talk about rock n’ roll style? a complete black denim and leather with many chains decorate the top clothes and jeans, with messy hair style? And do you think that a rider can be categorized as rock n roll type? Probably many of us think the same characteristic of it as I have mentioned before. But in this time, Dsquared spring summer 2013 show has raised a new trend fashion reflected with rock n’ roll rider’s image.dsquared2 fashionshowBy using fabric of denim and leather only, has been able to create a brave personality. Dsquared create new thing by combining chains and other complement accessories like hats, shoes and of course hand accessories. In this season, Dsquared totally describe a rock soul image on overall appearance perfectly. Start with selecting black glowing denim hat, then mixed with a couplet with iron chain and a rock style of black high heel and shoes, and impressive necklace and bracelet contains of more than one chains. Another additional way surely can be added by black denim gloves as rider image.Cristiano Ronaldo Dsquared2 denim metallic studs jeansEvery man and women absolutely has different appearance. According to Dsquared thought through this fashion season that a rock n roll rider style is not always use totally black on overall suits. But here they try to mix its hard style with other side just like casual, formal, cute and elegant style. The example of those style is demonstrated by he models.

Firstly, some of woman model are keep using denim trousers and blazer and surely completed with all of rock n roll accessories. So it will stay looks cool. Or another way by using formal shirt combined with hot pants. For casual style in generally, keep using grey t-shirt plus short skirt but coated by the black leather jacket and chain nickle. One more thing here that i love so much where the model shows a cute and elegant side through simple short dress or even a big glamor gown. The appearance is very chicks style , moreover it doesn’t leave its main concern, the black chain accessories and hat.dsquared 2013Lets’ turn to the men suits. It is not much different with the women appearance, the men has also various sides. Essentially, a men will seems cool and mature when they wear formal suits. But once again, here Dsquared shows the other side of rock n roll rider within formal style by keep using long arm shirt. Coated by black blazer, then adds black rider’s hat and high boots as the complement. From the overall appearance it may looks weird but doesn’t leave the impression of brave and challenging.dsquared  spring summer 2013 sexyIn summary, all fashion which is showed by Dsquared here actually has important thew to create rock n roll rider side. That is by adding black hat and shoes completed with chains accessories whatever it placed. It can be bracelets, necklaces, belt and as hat and shoes decoration itself. dsquared  spring summer 2013 girl jeans
dsquared  spring summer 2013
DSquared2 Spring Summer 2013 Runway
Dsquqred2 girl model
jean carlos dsquared menswear spring 2013
Milano Fashion Week  Dsquared2 (Spring-Summer 2013)
Women Fashion Show Catwalk Milano Dsquared

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