Fatima Lopes Spring Summer 2013


All people like fashion. Through a fashion style we can get many useful inspirations for how to create new style or how to mix clothes so that looks better and cool. It is important for us to look or even imitate how creativity of designers change something simple become chic appearance, just like what Fatima Lopes did. She is a Portuguese fashion designer from Portuguese island of Madeira who was born on March 8, 1965. Since in the early age, she has already interested on fashion world. When she turned adolescence, every clothes was offered from many shops were doesn’t interest her until she decided to make her own style.Cristina Moehler and Fatima LopesJust like us where we always try and try no matter that if can damage for the result, Fatima Lopez believes that she truly able to pursue a career as fashion designer when she moved to Lisbon. The first time she got there, she opened a new boutique named “versos” which sold mainly clothes of international designers. Then in the 1992, she changed her boutique name become “Fatima Lopez” which was a time where the Fatima Lopez’s brand finally born.model displays creation designer Fatima LopesDuring Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013, Fatima Lopes create new design with fresh color of bright turquoise, then turn to the combination of few golden yellow and dark blue. The style of some bright turquoise is designed open on body area and couplet with knee length skirt, make it looks simple, easy to move. While the bright color itself with adds of few another blue motive in certain parts, depicted cheerful sunny day.Paris Fashion Week Fatima Lopes Spring SummerThere are also 4 designs that use golden yellow color start from overall golden yellow, until a combination of both. For the style which use all golden yellow with knee length skirt, make the model’s appearance look like a honorable person since yellow, I think is a reflection of glowing sunlight. It isn’t much different with the other combination of designs which take almost the whole part by using dark blue then only use very few part of golden yellow depicting a formal and elegant style. Moreover it also has feminine side with hemisphere on the skirt side.paris fashion week spring summer 2013Another style is also a combination of dark blue and bright blue with its long skirt. Fatima Lopes still use main thews on this season, that is a knee length skirt with hemisphere and long skirt with also a hemisphere. All looks cool, formal but doesn’t leave elegant side. But, I think two of those designs has very terrible style in clothes number 0010 and 0018. I say it is not only open clothes, even worse it is very very “open”. May be it even can’t be say as bikini since it only contain one long fabric which is only covering the model’s breast , linked from the neck to the pant. By this limited fabric, the model get a problem when half of her breasts are clearly visible. designer Fatima Lopes
fatima lopes spring summe 2013
fatima lopes spring summer 2013
fatima lopes spring summer
Portugal Spring Summer Fatima Lopes  Runway

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