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Frock is a type of clothing for both men and women that were first being introduced Middle English. When we refer to a skirt, it also means the same thing sometimes. But what does a frock look like? When we define it, it should be a long garment which is loose with full sleeves. Since 16th century, frocks were being used in women’s clothing such as gowns and were the top fashion of those times.  It was being seen as the comfortable garment for the wear in the house or also with a slip underneath.

Its also refer as a formal dress, and get very popular in now days. The skirt is also a same dress but skirt some time more short. There is a huge variety available now days in market where you can choose the best for yourself. This dress also modify according the tradition of the certain country. For example in India you will see high embroidery work on the dress also sometimes with beads. Indian people also like colorful dress so you will found there more colorful skirts.

Smart Frock Style Design

From 17th century and onwards, frock was a full length or thigh length loose outer garment that the shepherds, farmers and workmen used to wear in Britain. The cloth was generally of heavy linen with a broad flat collar. This type is now called smock-frock. In some areas this traditional clothing buttons up with a coat at the front. It may also be a pullover style.

Anarkali Frock Design

During 18th century, frock was as unfitted men’s coat which was used for hunting. It used to be broad, collar that was flat and the outlook was generally a working class.

Frock for Our Lovely Daughter

The historical evolution of the frock is still unclear after the 18th century however. But by the time in 19th century, it was eventually being transferred to the section of evening lush dresses. The frock coat that in turn had been made into a cut away with modern one, gives us the two types of modern coats.

Elegant Frock Gown

Soft Frock Color Theme Color

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