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The House of Gucci, well recognized simply as Gucci is an Italian fashion line that specifies in handbags but also sells other fashion stuff such as hats and mufflers, shoes, watches, belts and other accessories. Possessed by a French firm, it was established in 1921 by a young Italian named Guccio Gucci in Florence. It drives about 278 directly functioned stores worldwide and it wholesales its products through franchisees and up market department stores.

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Immersed in charm, well-known for chic yet enduring products, treasured by movie stars and bestowed to future generations – few fashion companies can brag as much charisma as Gucci.

This storied Florentine corporation, founded in 1921, as a small leather goods company, has long been encouraged by eminent women of splendor – actresses, princesses and socialites.

Today, Gucci is channeled imaginatively by a similar category of heroine: Frida Giannini, a Roman whose taste, imagination and flamboyance have driven this storied brand to even greater heights.

It is renowned worldwide for its fashion authority, Italian expertise and excellence, with its elite products offered through a certain network of stores.

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In the accessories biosphere, Gucci has some of the best-known and most distinctive signature specifics. Horse bits, stirrups, the renowned Flora pattern, the green-and-red webbed streak – there are a lot of non-logo ways that you can instantly tell you’re looking at a Gucci bag.

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Gucci watches are made in Switzerland and bear the hallmark of Swiss precision and accuracy. The house’s manufacturing entity situated in laChaux-de-Fonds, the shrine of clockwork craftsmanship has managed to harmoniously combine state of the art technology and traditional watch-making in creating cutting-edge timepieces.

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The house’s first fragrance, Gucci No. 1 for women, was announced in 1974. A chain of fragrances for men and women have since been hurled, with much pleasing well-known status amongst perfume amassers, They have 39 perfumes in our fragrance base. The first edition was produced in 1974.

With all the publicity about the label, it’s easy to drop vision of why Gucci became successful in the first place. While the world is full of mockups, it doesn’t take an expert to quickly identify the difference.

Rip-off performers can smack a false logo on anything, but they can’t fake the quality and craftsmanship that a genuine Gucci product provides .The legacy of the little Italian leather producer from a long-gone period has endured.

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