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Gucci is the name of a famous Italian designer, which has been start in Florence 1921. Gucci makes leather goods and other fashion material in his company for example clothes, coats, watches, makeup fragrances, shoes, eye glasses, sun glasses, body and nail care and many other items of fashion. The Gucci made items are different in their designs, their quality and in their cost from the other company products.

gucci handbags brownOne their product which is very famous is their bags, well let’s we discuss about Gucci Handbags. Same as their other product, Gucci making  handbags with best quality leather material and give the best design to creating a perfect handbags which are so fashionable. They have wide range of variety of it for example simple model, fancy model and also has colorful theme.

The model has special classification which can be classified as party Gucci handbags, formal handbag (which is often we use for going on any formal occasion) and also available handbags with unique model and motif, come with colorful combination color (which is usually use by teenage).

Some people does not do classification trough the occasion and age, but they more prefer to choose the handbag trough the color, model and motif. Some people preferred to purchase matching colors between their dress and the handbag colors before they buy it. About the size there is available small to large size of the handbag and the price start from 80$ (for a small size of bag).

If you have plan to buy the handbags from Gucci make sure that you buy the original one. As now days there is also a huge variety available in market of making Gucci replica, specially some Chinese companies making the replica very well which will look same as original. You can buy directly from Gucci stores or if their store not available in your area you can buy online from Gucci website. Also make sure to see the serial number and Gucci tags inside the bag. Here we show you some of their popular  and latest bags models.

Gucci black handbag  Gucci designer handbag in black color (click image for larger view)Gucci Bags

gucci handbag pinkGucci handbags with pink strips

Gucci Handbags for GirlsVery beautiful and designer handbags from Gucci (click for larger view)Gucci Leather handbag Light Blue 2013

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