How to Get A Healthy And Beautiful Hair Color


Style is the second important thing after money in this world. There is someone said that no style means no personal. I agree with her statement because we unconsciously has created our own style to apply every day. Even when we only choose which one between two dresses that suitable for activity we will face later. As well as which shoes that should be worn for meeting in office. If there someone saying that he or she doesn’t care about his style, i think it positively naive because whatever the case, we always concern about style very much thought only in choosing of color.Hair Color for Curly HairBeside how we try to match the clothes, the hair appearance also be generally important to give attention to. Some women are usually very serious with their hair appearance start from the length, the color, the smell and the style. Here in Indonesia, has not person enough with colored hair since most of us prefer the natural black hair than having colored.

Fresh Hair Style Color   Redish Hair Color

Having hair color is seems funky and trendy for me since i actually one of few part of Indonesia girl who love coloring. Yup it’s surely cool when ever i see someone with her high light hair color. But the fact that many person doesn’t match with her real personal well so it sometime can change her appearance totally bad compared before. Therefore, we should know and prepare our soul mentally before decide to change our hair color. The first simple step is knowing about these point that can help us select what best hair color looks cool on our style.

1. Hair color chart

hair color chartBefore you start coloring, it will better for you to look hair color chart. Many types serve which you should choose. You need think it hardly or suppose which suit on you. Don’t ever regret if the color isn’t suits on your wish because sometime, kinds of certain brand will give different appearance after applying.

2. Your skin tone

Best Hair Color for Straight StyleDon’t arbitrarily selecting color that doesn’t match into your skin. Although some type of skin may always match by every color, but be careful for you who especially has dark or chocolate skin tone. It must be considered well in matching hair color with your skin tone. Select the right so can make your appearance more beautiful.

3. Treatment

Hair Color for blonde and brownWhen you feel not sure to apply the polish onto your hair and afraid of mistakes, so don’t do that. Visiting salon then let the expert do applying on it is right opinion or you may ask your friend, in which has been being her habit for doing this. After polishing, don’t forget to always do treatment in order to make your hair keep healthy and pretty.

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