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A known Fashion designer named John Galliano was born on November 28, in the year 1960, in Gibraltar, city of Spain. After graduating from Central Saint Martin’s, john launched his own line. Famous for outrageous designs, whimsical, he headed the French haute couture houses Christian Dior and Givenchy .In the year 2011, Galliano career went into a tailspin when he was arrested for making anti-Semitic remarks in a Paris bar.John GallianoJohn Galliano created some of the industry’s most glamorous collections, including the Blanche Dubois in October in the year 2008, the Josephine and Napoleon in the month of March 1992 and the Princess Lucretius in October of year 1993.Beyond the clothing donned by John’s models. John Galliano is known for his own dramatic final-bow-costumes, finishing his shows wearing adorable get-ups inspired by the likes of U.S. astronauts and Napoleon Bonaparte.john galliano dress oscarsIn the year 1981, John Galliano enrolled at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design. While in school, he worked as a dresser for Britain’s National Theatre, the one of the famous company in London, ensuring that the company’s thespians looked absolutely perfect. His graduating collection in the year 1984, inspired by the French Revolution and entitled named “Les Incroyables,” was bought in its entirety by the independent London fashion boutique, named Browns.

He soon entrenched his own label and got the support of various financial backers. His collections were both intricate and dramatic, but within just a few years his elaborate visions were compressed by a lack of business prowess. He went bankrupt in the year 1990.john galliano paris haute fashionJohn Galliano was awarded as British Designer of the Year in 1987, as well as in the year 1994 and 1997, and in the year 2009 he was made a Chevalier in the French Legion of Honor, an award previously bestowed on fashion luminaries named Suzy Menkes and Yves Saint Laurent.
In the year 2011, he hit the headlines for all of the wrong reasons. The British tabloid named The Sun posted a video of John making anti-Semitic remarks to Italian tourists in a Paris bar. His controversial behavior was a knocked out topic, and discussed far beyond the fashion world. After suspending the designer in February in the year 2011, Christian Dior announced in March 2011 that it had begun proceedings to permanently dismiss Galliano.

john galliano and charlize
John Galliano designer dressJohn Galliano dress designs, one of his popular dresses collection.
John Galliano for Christian Dior.
John Galliano modeling
john galliano paris haute fashion dresses
John Galliano sexy shoesJohn Galliano best shoes, He is popular for designing some unique and glamorous shoes for women.
John Galliano shoes

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