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Juicy Couture found by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor in 1997, is a fashion brand items which is contemporary in casual and elegant style. All the items more devoted to women, girl and baby stuffs. There are various items produced start from women and girls’ stuff such as dresses, skirts, jackets, tops, sleepwear’s, sweaters,etc. While the baby needs is like track set, apparel and layette. Beside, many charming accessories are also offered as shoes, handbags, wallets, scarves, sunglasses,  Juicy Couture bracelets and watches. Everything constitute women world needs are completely available here.lebanon juicy couture purse small toteNow I will discuss about Juicy Couture bags only. If you a women who very concern to fashion, i suggest you to come and look of Juicy Couture’s various bags. Based on the brands maximum women’s bags have casual style.
There are 4 kinds of fabric mainly used such as leather, nylon and velour. And what kind of bags? Here is not only serve pretty handbags which mainly for generally working women. You can find other types also that you can use according the moments such as daydreamer bag, backpacks, shoulder bags, satchels, cross bodies, and diaper.

Juicy Couture Bags offered various colors not only dark as black, dark blue, grey and dark brown, but its also provide bright fresh colors like bright yellow, green, blue, pink, red etc. I think it suit on the brand’s name with the word “juicy” which is the bag’s color seems fresh if used in every time and moment.juicy couture leather bagsJuicy Couture style is mostly simple with only square or rectangular shape. This is indeed to give compliance on every age to use. But if you are including a cheerful personality, here Juicy Couture has another impressive style else. For people with this type, you can try daydreamer bag which has two sweet ribbons in both side. And it also couplet with little tussle on its main zipper. So overall appearance of this bag is very sweet and cute with many bright colors which suit for your sunny day.

juicy couture bags models 2013Another thing that people easily say that it is an elegant style, because of the accessories. Elegant based on women thought is something glowing. The items here also have the glowing thing precisely on the accessories. Another thew of Juicy Couture bags beside on its golden chains including buckle, certain motive of the brand itself. The combination of the golden and iron chain, buckle has totally make it looks elegant. Juicy Couture will change your personality and you will look more cool and charming. juicy couture bags pink
juicy couture daphine velour tassel
juicy couture glitter glam bags
juicy couture handbags
juicy couture large freestyle handbag

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