Leather Jackets Fashion For Men And Women


Leather jackets always relate with bikers. A strong and hard of rider’s personality and how those true rider act in road is definitely match with leather jacket. Its formed black and other dark color from animal’s skin as the main identity of it. If in the early time, it was addressed only for bikers, but not for now. Made from animal skin which most popular material use is sheep’s skin. Probably another types can use the skins of cow, camel, buffalo, pig and any other. Of course it needs much time to process and special treatment before first using. Every jacket has different texture and never being same each other.leather jacket sampleLeather jackets in this modern era, has been widely used to implicated on daily fashion for all age and gender start from ordinary people to a public figure. The prime reason people think about leather jacket is because it has uneasily broken type. So this jacket surely can long lasting. Beside, the texture is really soft. It will be coll in noon but warm in the night since it use animal’s skin. This jacket also has various models and style based on the modernization now days.Leather Jackets style for WomenLeather jackets commonly has many kinds of collar. There are simple collar, short collar and wide collar which is apply for both men and women. The style are also different. The classic style has no additional side except the zipper and pouch pocket on bottom of both side. Leather jacket with short collar is cooler then the previous with a reason that short collar can show a men’s wide neck . that is look very cool. Another style is a leather with many buckles as accessories complement. It may placed together with short belt in some parts of the jacket such as on the collar or on the end of line arm.black Leather Jackets
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