Look after Your Looks in 5 Easy Steps


Having a healthy skincare routine and dressing well are important aspects to ensure you look your best. If your skin looks youthful and radiant, and if your clothes are clean and pressed, you will automatically feel more confident about yourself.

Girl look very confident You will be amazed at how your appearance can affect how you feel about yourself, as well as how other people view you. As a society, we judge people in the very first seven seconds of meeting them, and one’s appearance is right up there as a ruling factor.

Not only can it influence your personal relationships but your look can also affect your employment. A scruffy appearance is the biggest reason why a customer may not approach a shop assistant, and almost half of people think that it is unacceptable for front-line workers to be dressed unprofessional.

So how can you look after your looks? Here are 5 must-know tips.

  • Sleep

Believe it or not but you can take care of your health and skin, simply by hitting the snooze. A good night sleep can help you to concentrate better and it relaxes all your muscles, so plenty of rest is the answer.

Still not convinced? Scientists have found that people who get eight hours’ sleep every night are considered far more attractive than those that are sleep deprived. So the old saying ‘get your beauty sleep’ is true!

  • Don’t over-wash your hair

You can be fooled for thinking that the key to glossy, shiny hair is to wash it every day. Wrong. Washing it every other day is actually a lot better for you because your hair retains its natural vitamins.

Try using a dry shampoo to make sure it doesn’t look greasy, and just use a shower ca,p so you can still shower every day.

  • Moisturize

Is your skin dull, tired and dehydrated? This can happen at this time of the year, especially when the weather is cold. No other season is as tough on our skin, than winter. However, the hotter your shower is the more moisture you lose from your skin; so it is vital that you moisturize after washing.

Also use a lip balm to stop your lips chapping, and a hand cream.

  • Concealer

This really is a girl’s best friend. If you don’t usually wear much makeup, this is an absolute essential. Perfect to put in your handbag or pocket- simply pop on some concealer to combat those unruly blemishes, and eye bags from lack of sleep.


  • Drink plenty of water

As well as moisturizing, you can help your skin, body and hair by drinking plenty of water. You don’t have to just splash it on your face to replenish the skin.

We’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day; now I’m not sure how many of you actually do this but it is supposed to help you slip into those skinny jeans. What is more, our hair is made up of 5% water; so to keep it in beautiful condition, water is the answer.

There you have it; 5 must-know tips that should be a part of every person’s beauty bible. Follow this guide to have luscious locks and sublime skin this winter.

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This article was written by Lauren Grice on behalf of Hershesons, the go-to-specialists for premium hair accessories. Visit their site to check out the expert hair tutorial guides.

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