Must have jewelry


What is must have jewelry?  Jewelry is a highly precious par of every woman’s wardrobe. Wisely chosen, a woman’s jewelry collection can tell a lot about her personality and style. The other side – men – many times disagrees on the amount of jewelry, but the fact is that these small accessories complement one’s set and makes her personality shine.

  • Watch

There are many types and styles, people can imagine. A few years now when the neon madness started, watches in bright tones were on trend. But seriously a fine, jewel watch worths the investment, because it looks good with everything. Really nice design example and not so expensive is Michael Kors pink watch which you must love.

Michael Kors Women's Watch - must have jewelry

Michael Kors Women’s Watch

  • Studs earrings

You absolutely need at least one pair of stud earrings. And you know what they say…. Diamonds are girl best friend. If you don’t have money for Diamonds – Cubic Zirconia will just fine. I looks and shines the same. Diamonds are more expensive because they are more rare. And everybody likes rare right? This earrings are definitely must have jewelry because they are timeless and are basic accessories. The wise idea is to own several studs earrings on different styles, both fine and fashion jewelry to have choice later on. Studs earrings are extremely practical, because they anything and can brighten up your set.

Stud earings and must have jewelry

Sterling Silver Round Cubic Zirconia Studs (1 cttw)



  • Statement pieces

Making a statement looks to be a mega trend nowadays. And now accessories come in the picture, unusual styled earrings, necklace or a bag emphasizes one thing on your look. The idea is to accentuate one thing about your outfit, and the options are large: feather earrings, tassel earrings, colorful statement necklace or a colorblock bag.

Statement Fashion Necklace Multicolor must have jewelry

Flower Statement Fashion Necklace

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