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Pinky White Nail Art Design

As you know that nail art is so much in fashion, it is a creative activity to designs finger nails and to draw different pictures on it. Now days fingers and hands are important points of beauty so we use nail art to make it more fashionable.

It is related to manicuring. Now in many commercial shops there are nail bars where nails are worked to make it attractive. The maim product is acrylic with ready made designs which can easily stuck on top of the natural nails.

Nail polish or you can say nail varnish it is a lacquer applied to human finger nails and in the toe nails as well to decorate or to protect it. Today the polishes are the nitrocellulose in a solvent such as ethyl acetate or butyl acetate.

Golden Black Nail Art ColorsSimple Nail Art Motif

They may be colored or cleared paint. Their coating has plasticizers. This all type of modernization designs began early in the 19th century. Around the year 1830 modern manicures began. This work became popular and created salons, to pop up across the US by late 19th century.

A new range of different paints entered d in the market, giving new life to the nail art. The first design which became popular is called moon manicure. This type of nail art involved painting the middle of the nail while leaving the moon unpainted.

From the Revs on brothers, the next revolution came with their invention, a new kind of nail occur. Instead of dyes changed they allowed new colors which are quickly adopted.

This success was started from the year 1940 as time moved on nail art is now become a symbol to communicate between subcultures. After those punks, rock stars are started.

Best Nail Art Combination Colors

Now the nail art has become artistic and creative. After that many trends has come such as the addition of symbols like airbrushing, crystals, acrylic and gel nail enhancements. The latest nails which are in fashion are the metallic which are the nail wraps. These are the pre printed designs from a digital printer allow for complex patterns and reflective metallic finishes that are not possible from the traditional methods. This type is applied from heat activation and allows your designs to be finished at time. Truly they are latest breakthrough in nail art.

Colorful Nail Art

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