Nail Art The Beauty Appearance


All women in this earth definitely want to look beautiful from inside or the outside. If the inner beauty related with behavior, do anything good and always help another people with a smile, beauty from the outside is also need to do in order to increase self confident. Sensitive characteristic has been being natural for women in every aspect including sensitive on appearance. Although clothes, shoes, make up, accessories, are taught very well enough to show how attractive we are in public, it still like less of something important in which this tiny things can change our self confident drastically from 80% to 100%. That is nails.White Nail Art If you are really a scrupulous typical women, I believe you will never miss about “a pretty nails”. Keep the nails clean is common thing for all genre, woman and man. But keep the nails pretty is something specific important habit for women since she always wanna be pretty from the peak of hair to peak of feet nails. Because of that, now in public has been become trend of nail art. It isn’t ordinary thing with only polishing the nails with just one color. The first time I know about nail art is when it become trend in Japan where all girls there stick some cute colorful beads into their nail in which has polished before.Elegant Nail ConceptActually we can do nail art our self without visit salon by preparing some important materials such as clippers, base polish and kinds of colors polish. The rule is very easy as long as we have little bit of talent of art. So the first you should cut off your nail by clippers then make sure it smooth. After that, give it base polish so that the surface of the skin can be protected. When it has done, you then polish it with any color you want as base nail color. The next step is playing with imagination. You can choose any color then draw anything the nails, for example a cloud by white polish; yellow and black as a cute bee or another motive you want draw into.

Or another way by add little beads as accessories little few crystal beads that is ticked by glue. The rule is same as the rules of polishing above but it also adds crystal beads by glue, make is as cute as possible. If you don’t like crystal beads type, you may choose another beads as you wish.Fresh Blue Nail Art After you have done with that, there is one more step. Apply a protector polish to protect the nail’s beauty and make it durable. Don’t worry about the color because it is transparent. So congratulation you have done doing pretty nail art successfully.Cute Pink Nail   Art Nail with Christmas Concept

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