New York Fashion Week


New York is one of famous country which is so bright and perfect for fashion. A lot of brands have been born there, for example one of most famous company is Maybelline. Who don’t know about this company? I m surely all of you know about it, especially for you who are women. But now I don’t want to talk about this company, I want to discuss about their country trends routinely.  Same as other country which I have discusses few times ago, such as British and London which is have routinely activity about introducing new trends.

That activity is famous as “fashion week”, not means this held every week, but that’s just a name to show that this activity is regularly held in there. So New York Fashion Week is also same activity conducted every year where they represent the current style and trends according their local market. At this year they are offering glamor style, well done the design is so varied and glamor. They are classified it start from casual until party design. About the design concept I can’t say that it start from simple to unique, because all are so gorgeous and that’s not simple at all. Maybe some of you have been come to the show, and some are not. For you who not see their show, you can check out their new style at this page. And for you who was saw the show, you can share your opinion and comment about that show at this page.

New York Fashion Week

Maroon and Black Combination

New York Fashion Week Black and White Photo

Black and White Effect Photo

New York Fashion Week model

Black and White The King of Color

New York Fashion Week Models

The Models at The Back of Stage

New York Fashion Week

All Models At The Stage

New York Fashion Week

Square Motif, Why not?

Elegant Black Shoes

Best Shoes Edition Look so Elegant

Style Trough the Season

Semi Formal Style

Colorful Ideas

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week

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