Paris Fashion Week with Victoria Beckham


Who do not know about Paris? A city of the biggest fashion trend in this world. All women absolutely want to visit it, looking for the newest trend style and wear it proudly. So do I, as a normal girl which always widen my eyes whenever seriously staring on a fashionable clothes. Moreover when I suddenly see a beautiful actress using very cool style, then I admired her directly just because fall in love with her style. paris fashion week peter coppings collection  If I talk about Paris and fashion, my mind then also conjure up images of Paris Fashion Week, an event where all the best dresses and another style shown there by the famous designer. Some of those best designers that I know are Betsey Johnson, Donatella Versace, Ralph Lauren, etc. But recently, I start to interest on David Beckham’s wife, Victoria Beckham. She include a popular designer since all her creations become a certain limelight on a catwalk stage.Chanel Paris Fashion Week victoria beckham ArrivalsVictoria Beckham’s designs is popular with its simple style but still look cool. It will look suit on every people since she made it based on people simple style so you may allow to use her designs. Look how cool the designs below.victoria beckham paris fashion weekLast 2007, Victoria Beckham seems attending Paris fashion week with her bright green knee-length dress. She look very elegant completed with black wide glasses for a big fashion event in Paris. From her appearance, I can say that her real personality is far from the word “complicated”. Not only from reflection of what she wear when attending Paris fashion week, but also based on all her designs which i love very much. But if I allow to give a comment, she will look better if her dress is combined with black cardigan which doesn’t too long. Only up to arm limit, shows the hand which completed with black rock style bracelet.Paris fashion week

Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week

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