Pencil Skirts Best For Business And Working Women


A pencil skirt is a kind of slim-fit skirt with narrow cut giving it an edgy look. The hem is just over the knee or just below the knee. Normally it is very close fit. The name pencil was given to it because of its characteristics i.e. slim and long like a pencil. The wearer might not always be comfortable in the pencil skirt and therefore a slit at the back or side is provided to ease the movements. A pleat may also be used sometimes instead of a slit. The most classical look with the pencil skirt is high heels, tights and sheer stockings. With the pencil skirt, back-seamed hosiery matches really good. Pencil skirts are often worn by girls with flats too.pencil skirt for business  class womenNarrow-fitting skirts were always very popular in history. Pencil skirt is the successor of the hobble skirt. It was first introduced by the popular French Designer Christian Dior in during 1940s. He used the name ‘H-Line to describe the shape of the skirt. Eventually the new fashion became very popular among all age groups. Girls and women used to wear them casually as well as formally in every color and style. Women who used to work, became a big fan of pencil skirt. The success was because of the desire of many ladies for new line of fashion. During World War 2 and Cold War, the garments were also very expensive.pencil skirt using by oliviaThe pencil skirt is a bit different from the skirts that are comparatively loose. It needs to be adjusted properly by the wearer. She needs to correct her posture and way of walking while wearing a pencil skirt. Only small steps should be taken while walking in the small skirt. Every activity needs to be done gracefully as per requirement. Sporty activities might be difficult in a pencil skirt. It is a warmer for many women.

When you could not figure out what to wear, go for a pencil skirt. It is suitable for almost every occasion. Women with a narrow pelvic region should wear these skirts. These can be every elegant as well as chic-like.back slit pencil skirt
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