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polo ralph lauren Ralph Lauren is an American fashion designer and business administrative, best recognized for his Polo Ralph Lauren fashion trademark. He crowns an extremely prosperous, international company producing billions in profits. He has become well-known for his collection of exceptional automobiles, some of which have been exhibited in museum displays.
Well-known for being one of the biggest fashion houses to arise in the last 40 years, Ralph Lauren has sustained to produce classic all-American clothing that never seems to go out of style.Ralph Lauren Girls Fashion Show with kids

Ralph Lauren, who originated the trademark in the 1970s, is to this day still at the tiller as supervising director. He has willingly created an eternal line, all plunging from the advent of the iconic polo top that has become a timeless piece in every wardrobe. Since its inauguration in 1968, Ralph Lauren has become a dominant worldwide empire that has put its hallmark on everything from tuxedos to tennis skirts.ralph lauren clothes polo shirtsLauren began with a handmade line of extensive, vibrant ties and men wear, which cemented the way to launch own in-store boutique in Bloomingdale’s. The designer prolonged to encompass women’s wear , his signature polo shirts , fragrance , home furnishings, sportswear , paint , denim, and even a restaurant, in Chicago in 1999. Lauren’s lavish Madison Avenue flagship was built into the modernized Rhine lander mansion in 1986, a retail space that doubles as a lavish, high-end boutique and a tourist fascination.ralph lauren polo shirtThough the label is feasibly best related with its signature classic polo shirts and tweed blazers, Lauren has revealed variety and revolution each season, from the cowboy-inspired appearances of the seventies to the Santa Fe patterns of the eighties to the more modern high-fashion twenties expedition looks of the 2000s.Ralph Lauren clothes for womanThe clothing is divided into a dozen lines, comprising the purple label for men evening wear and hand-tailored suiting. The black label for women’s evening wear. RLX for ski, golf, tennis clothing and Rugby are for more young-looking customers. Today, the iconic polo logo garnishes everything from Pink Pony tees promoting cancer research to tiny plaid high-tops for tykes and miniature polo’s for pets. The Ralph existence has shown astounding staying power, thanks to faithful fans who ride horses, get chauffeured in Town Cars, and everything in between.filippa hamilton Ralph Lauren model

Filippa Hamilton Polo Ralph Lauren model  Ralph Lauren polo shirtPolo Ralph Lauren polo shirts. ralph  lauren polo shirts orange color

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