Poncho – great for rainy days and fashion


We know different tipes of Poncho. Before it was mainly designed from waterproof materials so it can keep you warm in rainy days. Now they are designed mainly as fashion items. They are shaped same way as old ones but made from different materials. Very popular material is wool. One of my favorite designer is Missoni. Their ponchos are always bright colors and made from quality materials. This is example of designer peace.

 missoni poncho
Missoni Women’s Knits Poncho

 I am sure you have heard of Cashmere, expensive sheep wool. Next exampleis how to be warm and trendy at same time. If you like soft and quality items in your wardrobe you will for sure like Parisbonbon.  Great with Parisbonon is that you can pick whatever color suits you.

 parisbonbon cahmere
Parisbonbon Women’s 100% Cashmere Pullover style Poncho

Poncho was mainly used to be protected from rain so it won’t be right if we not show you also waterproof poncho. Maybe some of you doen’t like it fashion but for sure you will like it when it rains. It will keep you warm and all your clothes, bag underneeth dry.

 pacific-waterproof poncho

Pacific Poncho, Unisex

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