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Your prom night is very important, and it is vital to make the right impression in front of your colleagues. You have more than likely took a dress is a long time ago, but how much attention you have paid your hairstyle? The right hairstyle can look like your outfit better, but at the same time, can ruin a poor choice of hairstyle, what else have a nice. Your prom hairstyle should build on and complement your clothing and shoes. Regardless of the length and thickness of hair, and no matter what outfit you have chosen, it will be a prom hairstyle that will truly provide the finishing touches to be the total package.
Prom hairstyles for short hair

Prom short hair

If you have short hair, you have fewer options available to you for prom style, but you can still stunning hairstyle is the perfect blend of formal and cute. That is exactly right for prom night. In addition, accessories complete the glamorous look.

There are three main prom hairstyles for girls with short hair:

The first is the structured abbreviation, which is similar to a traditional bob, but slightly different, because the hair around the face does not frame it in the same way. The front section of it blowing over your face and provides a perfect prom hairstyle.

The second style is a short hairstyle with bangs. This is a simple style, but also a very glamorous one. Actress Sienna Miller will be used to contribute to their hair in this style. Even if your hair is short, it is also complex, and the fringe frames her face and emphasizes your features. The pony makes it easier to pull out the hair, as it can be difficult to do so. This is a great look for Prom Night, which will also be quite unique in that not every girl is the confidence that they have deducted.


The third type is a pixie cut, as worn by actress Natalie Port man. Also known as the boy cut, and is a very hard style to wear. If you have sensitive facial feature, it should fit you, and you can be sure that not many other girls will dare to try this hairstyle on prom night.
Prom hairstyles for medium length hair


Girls, medium long hair have more choices when it comes to prom styles

A choppy mid-length cut is a good prom hairstyle for medium length. Although the ends of the hair is messy, the overall look is still chic. The bangs are angled, which creates an edgy look, and can cover a broad or high forehead. In addition, the smooth facial features.

Curly hair can look glamorous on medium length. It has an off-center parting, and the front section of hair sweeps across your forehead, which offers an elegant look. Half of the hair can be inserted behind the ear to create a contrast, and added accessories that can match your outfit in order to provide an extra touch of glamor.


A wavy hairstyle can look chic, even when there are simple, yet elegant. This hairstyle combines natural ripple with soft layers, and looks very feminine. It is easy to maintain, which makes it even more perfect for prom night.
Prom hairstyles for long hair

Prom hairstyle For long hair

A simple chic hairstyle works well on long hair. You can fold the front part of it and use a hair band to separate it from the back. A clear colored hair band is best. The remainder is then curled her hair loose, so that they flow over the back. It is a perfect hairstyle, if you plan to wear a strapless dress is. It’s an easy hairstyle to create, but the general appearance, it is produced breathtaking.

Boho waves are easy to create, and look great too. Although it may appear casual, they are still great for formal events.

Chignons and other “up-dos” are very popular with proms because they are so elegant. However, they are best avoided if you want to have an eye-catching prom, it is probable that many other girls will choose this hairstyle.

A chic style with curls is not difficult to draw from, and can look spectacular. The curls are using rollers or tongs, and you can use hair gel to create the swept fringe, which accompanies the appearance.

There are many different hairstyles that you choose for your prom night, and may in the end, it is handed down, what style would you prefer to wear, and what best fits your face and outfit. Have some fun experimenting with different hairstyles before prom night, so actually the one who choose the best for you.

prom hairstyles long hair

Angelina Jolie with Long Prom Hairstyle


Prom hairstyle decorating with crystal accessories


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