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The main function of eyeglass now days is not only concern of how to protect the eye from sunlight sting or avoid it from the damage of the dust while driving, but it also as certain trend in fashion world. By this reason, many of popular brand produce fashion eyeglass in order to expose the cool side of an eyeglasses.eyeglasses makeupDuring the time the shape of eyeglass always changing as the other general items in public. It’s shape in the early period commonly use little small rectangle frame. It is intend to make focus only around the eye line so it made equal with the shape of eye line. In contrary, eyeglasses in this period have more modern side with wide frame shape. The wide itsef also has many various shapes such as simple rectangle, round triangle and half circle.stylish eyeglassEyeglass has been proffered by people since it has cool side, impressive side even also cute side. Here a  fashion eyeglass isn’t concern about it glass or lens anymore, but concern to the frame. There are so many various frames.
The example of frame is simple rectangle which has thick and thin wide. Thick frames are commonly used by people because they think that a thick frame (mainly black) reflect strong personality ene though the person appearance itself is totally different. Almost all face type match with it. While thin frame usually more confirm to the frame only in the up side of the eyeglass.EyeglassesIn this era, an ordinary eyeglass colour with just black or dark brown and another dark type is not good enough to be the most attractive point for people. It is a time for colorful eyeglasses frame which is more loved by public. A bright color has offered in order to reflect the user’ feels, the appearance or even the user’s truly style. The example is a girl with rock n roll style and has brave and smart, the she may suitable to use bright red frame eyeglass.eyglasses for girlsThis is the last trend eyeglass which i believe that mostly girls, especially teens, love it so much. This one is firstly come from Korea. Korean modern eyeglasses are not for its coloring style as a thew, but also has little cute side for feminine girls of course. The cute side here is the accessories which is placed in the up in one of its corner. This complement can be shape as little ribbon, heart, star, etc with usually has polcadots surface. The overall appearance of it is pretty cute and chic if combine with any clothes.colorful Frame
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