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Tadashi Shoji …

…is known for wide  range of styles and exquisite craftsmanship. He inspires realwomen for their most memorable occasions to feel confident in what they are wear on their own skin. He inspires them to feel beautiful.  His signature boutiques are present in the United States, Indonesia and China in more than 700 major departments. When moved to Los Angeles from his born country Japan in the seventies, he awakened his life-long passion – fashion design.  He launched his own collection in 1982. In 2007 his collection debuted in New York fashion week. Great about him is that his dresses are not to expensive. More about prices here.

tadashi shoi

For his New York fashion week fall collection was inspired by ”beauty of flight” but not only in birds but also in  aircraft as well. We saw a lot of jacquard  and silk. He used black, white, ivory to bolder jewel and navy blue tones. Layered tulle and fluffy feather accents were an obvious inspired addition to this theme. His dresses make you feel weightless.

Tadashi+Shoji+new york fashion week Fall 3

Tadashi Shoji New York RTW Fall Winter 2015 February 2015

Tadashi+Shoji+new york fashion week Fall+2015 2

Tadashi+Shoji+new york fashion week Fall+2015


Jay+Manuel+Tadashi+Shoji+Front+Row+new york fashion week

alyssa milano wa present on tadashi shoji new york fashion week

Jay Manuel and Alyssa Milano were also šresent at Tadashi Shoji New York fashion week exibit.

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