The Exotica of Maroon Lehenga Choli


Maroon and Green are required colors in India, which are also becoming a concept of their style. When you attending Indian Wedding ceremonial, you will see the bride are wearing maroon or green color clothes (lehenga choli), some people are also saying that maroon and green are two of ethnic color in India. Actually Maroon is my favorite color, in my opinion maroon is looks so elegant, glamor, also exotic, and the best lehenga choli color for Indian bride is maroon color, thats my opinion. Maybe you have different opinion about my statement? So lets share your opinion about it.

Come back to the point, i am saying that maroon is one of required color in India, this i have few reason why i m saying about it.

  • The first reason is : in every important day or ceremonial in India, maximum people are using maroon color, especially for marriage its must be on maroon color.
  • The second reason if you are buying some indian clothes such as lehenga choli maximum will be in maroon color, yes there are available other color than maroon, but if you see again the detail of that clothes, you will found maroon accent or motif color at this clothes which you buy.

That two reason is enough to cover my statement about maroon color. Well, i wanna share few collection pictures of Maroon’s Lehenga choli design, at this few pictures you can see the greatest performance of maroon color, how much its elegant, exotic and so glamor.

Gold Lehenga Choli with Maroon MotifWhat color you see at this picture? Its gold right? This lehenga choli is come with gold theme color, but if you see the detail motif, detail embroidery and beaded works you will found maroon color combination at this gold lehenga choli. So, let me give “Gold Lehenga Choli with Maroon Combination Colors” tittle for this picture
Beautiful Bridal Lehenga on Maroon Color

Sexy Maroon's Lehenga CholiSexy Maroon’s Lehenga Choli Design with Best Embroidery and Beaded Works
Best Maroon Lehenga Choli with Pakistani StylePakistani Lehenga Choli with Maroon Color Theme
Luxury Lehenga Choli Design

The Real of Ethnic Lehenga Choli with Maroon and Gold Colors Combination

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