Valentino Shoes New Styles Of 2013


When in 2012 Valentino shoes publish a high heels with a style of dark and cream. It even has two kinds of style between a shoes and boots or may be we called it the combination of both. The high heel one is decorated with black flower fabric which is show a dark side of the user. The flower itself is designed irregularly so that make image of freedom and a rebellion girl. While the shoes with a cream color, has little bit different since it can be a shoes and boots. The basic shape is totally a shoes, but it cover the front of the feet just like a boots. For the style, it also use an irregular flower shape which is designed more crowded.Valentino Rockstud red ShoesThat a short review about Valentino shoes in 2012 season. Then for Valentino shoes in Fall 2013 has much different by a simple design as the other shoes design in general. It style divide into some kinds start from a high heel, flat shoes, to a sandal,. On this season, Valentino shoes launch a style of rock and nice side.

The first shoes is named Valentino Couture Bow Pump. It it a simple high heels with only one style color. The style is only add a ribbon in the front side of the shoes with little bit open on the peak area. The color is offered more concern to a feminine women with a color of red, pink, cream and white gold. Then about Valentino Rock stud Pump, a combination between half of heel and boot style. The mainly thew of this shoes that is has a rock accessories around the ropes. Beside, this shoes is designed pointed on the front side. After it, you will know about Valentino Rock stud Ballerina Flat. As the real name that this shoes is absolutely flat with pointed style. And of course added by the rock accessories on the shoes’ hole line.Valentino Shoes 2013The sandals here can be divided into some kinds such as Valentino Rock stud Thong Sandal, a combination of sandal style between nice and rock side. A ribbon is added to make a nice side, while the rock accessories also complete it. Then Valentino Bow Wedge Sandal in which totally nice with a short wedge type and a cute ribbon in front of it. The last is Valentino Rockstud T-strap Sandal, a total form of sandal with all the rock accessories on the rope lined the feet. You can buy Valentino Shoes online from official Valentino store.Valentino pink Shoes
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