Victoria Beckham Style, A Fashion Icon For The World


Victoria Beckham has truly become one of the fashion icons for the world. The cute soccer player, wife of the hot star David Beckham and as we all knows the famous girl is also a singer of ‘Spice Girls’ band British. Recently with the launch of her own clothing line, she has turned into a world-class designer and is supported by many celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Cameron Diaz. World’s elite has preferred the latest fashion by Victoria and many stars wear her designs even on the red carpet.

victoria Beckham styleVictoria Beckham became an inspiration for countless women in terms of fashion and style. The era of Spice girls is gone, and the latest style is inspired from the Posh. The elegant look that the outfits give is incomparable. The overall look is simple but the quality of clothes is outstanding. The feminist touch is especially emphasized by her in all dresses and the need for high heels. The must-have items are large handbags and sunglasses, which are her signature items. Mrs. Beckham is a huge fan of jewelries and accessories.

Her top favorites are tight tops and tube skirts which are mostly knee length. Decorative clutch bags accompany her on parties. During daytime, she chooses flared dress and over-sized extra length tunics. She always went for the classiest colors with black, white and grey. In spring or sometimes she adds a tinge of purple or pink to give the dress that essential girly glow.

victoria beckham style 2013Victoria Beckham looks perfect in the way she carries her dress, even if she’s wearing a simple jeans with a t-shirt. Elegance is her key. In winters she goes for a leather jacket – preferably black- with tight jeans or skinny and obviously with high killer heels.

As others quote ‘unforced elegance’ is presented by her. She has guided many girls to find the perfect type of clothing for them. She did not just made them confident but is a huge inspiration for millions of ladies and girls. Victoria Beckham in jeans

victoria beckham a stylish mom

victoria beckham style handbags with kid  victoria beckham style giambattista valli handbag

victoria beckham at shopping mall in London

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