Watch as accessory or investment


A watch is a great accessory that completes your appearance. My advice is to be careful with the price tag. If you have to pay a little more money for style, weight your options and then buy it.  It is normal that you want something that not only works but looks great also.   Problem is that a lot of time the most expensive item we own are the ones we never use  🙂 Think about what you want from your watch. Do you want it only functionality purpose or do you want high end timeless watch to show your social status.

Watches have a special status linked to the functional excuse of measuring the time. Before mostly wrist watches were initially worn by women but now, first and foremost is mostly male fashion accessory. There is always in us some inner need to own exclusive branded watch and that distinguishes you from most other people. But to exclusive watch can mostly lead to ”showing off” in front of other and looks bad. Pick timeless watch. High-end watches are not only produced, but actually worn for decades. 

Jeager LeCoultre is well known high and brand. Their history goes in 15 century and if you have opportunity to own their watch, you should think about it more like investment than cost.

jaeger lecoultre  watch

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control Ultra Thin Champagne Dial 18kt Rose Gold Brown Leather Mens Watch Q1342520

On the other hand you can buy very trendy and affordable brand like Guess for 100 USD or so. It is up to you what you prefer and what you can afford.

guess man watch

GUESS Men’s U12604G1 Self Assured Round Diamond Accent Black IP Watch

guess women watch

GUESS Women’s G75916L Brilliance on Links Silver-Tone Bracelet Watch

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