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Weddings are performed immediately after the Middle Age and are more than the union between two people. It is a union of two families. Therefore the Brides is expected to dress elegantly and need to look the best for they are representing themselves in the ceremony. They wore furs, silk or velvet. wedding dress maggie sotteroThe first lady who wore a white wedding dresses as a gown was the princess Philippe of England. She wore a beautiful outstanding tunic with a cloak in silk which was bordered with grey in 1406. And soon white gowns became popular in 1840, especially after the marriage of Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Queen Victoria. Today western wedding dresses are white gowns with tinge of shade of ecru, ivory, or eggshell. According to many people, the white color symbolizes the virginity of a woman. About 75% of the wedding gowns are sleeveless or strapless gowns currently.

simple wedding gownMany of the wedding gowns in West are red in color with the traditional touch of each country. Red wedding saris is a popular choice by many Pakistani and Indian Brides. Today fabrics are georgette, crepe, Carmeuse or satin. With time, the fashion changes, but the length of gowns is preferred by the most. A bride wants to look best on her wedding, and ready-made dresses are available on many brands that compliment every type of figure.

Wedding Dress with Lace work on BackA wedding dress needs to be comfortable for the bride. The style should be trendy, latest and should match the figure of a bride. If the wedding is to be held in a huge park or garden, heavily beaded and fancy dress is inappropriate. A full length mirror and a fashion Figure or stylist is what most of the brides need. But the most important key is appropriateness.

The color of gowns keeps on changing, from white to shades of grey, pink, blues, yellows or purples. Mostly girls follow their favorite movie starts or fashion icons in choosing the best wedding gown for themselves. There are many machine and handmade inexpensive types of muslin that makes a white gown with a veil.

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