Wedding Envy: The 5 Greatest Weddings of the Decade



More than ever we want to tune into the lives and pastimes of those in the public eye, and nobody does it like the stars. In this blog we want to look at the 5 greatest weddings of the past decade. And like we said, since nobody does things like our favourite celebs, we’ve gone and chosen couples who have made headlines, and covered the pages of glossy magazines and gossip blogs for the last few years.

Whatever they do, be it hooking up, breaking up, or simply popping to the shop for a pint of milk, the paparazzi are usually on hand to take pictures so we can then ogle over what they’re wearing, or even their latest hairstyles. It’s not just their day to day lives, it’s also their big day we love to be able to see! There is nothing like the extravagance of a celebrity wedding, with the decorations, the towering cake, the extensive and star studded guest lists, the first dances, the locations and of course the legendary wedding parties!

When celebrities are spotted with rings on their fingers after saying “yes” to that wonderfully romantic question, the anticipation is wild in the media about what their big day will be like, and lets be honest, because most of them have made a fortune from their various exploits, they are generally something we want an insight into!

The internet and social media go into overtime when celebrities tie the knot. These famous couples demand such attention that they also get paid (sometimes) millions of pounds for exclusive photographs from the day, not that they actually need any more cash.

In the past we’ve seen fantastic weddings when David and Victoria tied the knot, and when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston said those magic words, and the Royal wedding between Charles and Diana which was such an iconic event during the 1980’s . The extravagance is beyond what most could imagine, the nuptials take place amongst ornate castles or quaint castles, they fly their families to beautiful locations in Italy or the south of France, with no expense spared whatsoever!

For this blog, we’re going to stick the the past ten years, so from 2004 onwards, here the 5 greatest celebrity weddings of the decade, starting with Wayne Rooney and Coleen Rooney (once McLaughlin):



Wayne and Coleen Rooney wedding

Wayne and Coleen

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney and his childhood sweetheart Colleen tied the knot in 2008. Their £5million wedding took place in the elegant Italian resort of Portofino, and the couple went all out! The bill for the wedding included private jets for the all their friends and family to be flown over from the UK as well as spending £85,000 on trips to New York for dress fittings (that was before the wedding had even taken place).

The celebrations included a lunch aboard a luxury yacht as well as a masked ball and a champagne breakfast for each guest every morning. The actually ceremony was said to be a low-key affair with the other four days including musical performances from Westlife and The Stereophonics and trips out amongst the glorious local countryside. The excessive wedding was meticulously planned by the couple. They made sure each guest left their wallets or purses at home so they could enjoy the event at the expense of the couple, which was around £10,000 a head.

The couple from Croxteth did recoup some of their spending when they were offered £2.5 million by a glossy magazine for the privilege of publishing exclusive photographs of their eye-wateringly pricey wedding.


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kanye and Kim

The American hip hop sensation and his socialite wife got hitched in May 2013 on Kim’s 33rd birthday in a lavish ceremony at the 16th century Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy. There were only a handful of photographs released of the event but one did emerge of the couple all dressed in their wedding gear, holding their baby North West. The marriage was certainly one of the most anticipated weddings of the past decade and the worlds new mega couple certainly did it in style.

Not many details have been released of the wedding but it’s safe to say that the stature of the couple means we could not omit it from our list!


William and Kate wedding

Royal Wedding

This is quite possibly the greatest wedding of the past 50 years, let alone the past decade. Watched by 24.5 million in the UK, Wills and Kate were also photographed by 327 million Brits during the procession which took place around London during the day in 2011. We’re guessing you watched it on TV or made the trip down to line the streets around Westminster Abbey, so you will be aware of the sheer elegance of the ceremony as well as the heartfelt moment when the couple appeared on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.


Beyonce and Jay-Z

Jay z and Beyonce

Beyonce Knowles and Shawn Carter (AKA Jay-Z) need no introduction. The couple got hitched on April 4th 2008 in a secretive ceremony before then inviting their friends and family to a larger event later in the same year. After selling 300 million records between the pair, their wedding was the event of the year purely for the fact they are amongst the most famous couples in the world.


Rochelle and Marvin

marvin and Rochelle

Rochelle Wiseman and Marvin Humes tied the knot in the celebrity wedding of 2012. On the same day as the London Olympic opening ceremony, the singer from girlband The Saturdays and fellow popstar Marvin from boyband JLS shared a fairytale ceremony along with 150 guests at Blenheim Palace.

After getting engaged on the Caribbean island of Antigua, the couple became the next ‘power couple’ to get hitched as they donned the front pages of OK! and Hello! magazine, much like those couples had done so beforehand. The Oxfordshire palace played host to over 100 guests which included their bandmates and other glittering A-List names.

We’ve gone all romantic whilst putting this list together, simply by checking out these events from the past ten years have we began to think about our own weddings and what the future may hold. If they can be only slightly as glamorous as the weddings we have looked at, we know we’ll be doing things right.

Written by Rachel Jensen on behalf of  Ivy Ellen Weddings, a designer of bespoke wedding invitations and stationary


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