Which Dress Is Special For you ?


When a luxury invitation comes into your house and you are wished to attend it, wearing a beauty dress as a Cinderella in royal party, you of course must prepare everything well, your outfits, make up, and dazzling shoes. Many of us, always facing a consciousness in selecting right dress in which doesn’t look really bad or it will make you look like a weird clown. It is important to us to select which suit on you. The word dress for some women is a part of their favorite thing as the research said that 70% women admit that a dress is memory storage box. On the other side it is very special thing.

I believe that every women have their own special dress although probably many of them have it more than 2 dresses. May be more than 2, 3, 4, 8? But every cloths they have save a reason of how the owner taught about it. There some reasons why those women wear a certain outfits when attending a party.

prom-dressesIf we will attend a party, we should have to know what kinds of party is it before. An anniversary party may allowed us to be free to move because there we will laugh out loud as happiness emotion, dancing or doing games may be, so if the situation is like this, you better wear a knee-length dress. The legs will be seen free like showing your open personal and easy person. But if it is including a wedding party, a long dress will look graceful on you. In my mind, a wedding party is place where all the guests must be wise. Therefore, a pretty long dress will success depicting its wise description. It cover your legs and only show the beautiful shoes give a nice honorable impression.

There is an other important thing in selecting good outfit and matching on your personality. That is color. Red knee-length dress depict a brave and strong woman but, long red dress can show your strong and sexy side, moreover as you add with also red lipstick. While a white soft dress always show a soft personality of the women. I like a white knee-length dress very much with some cute lace covering by cream layers in which make me looks like a holy angel. Haha..

DressA dress can be very special for us because it held remains the sweetest moment or the worse moment in our life. The sample story of sweet moment is may be you got your first soul mete in the night you wore it. Or perhaps the saddest moment may when you had broken up with your boyfriend also when you wore it. A dress that we love will always beating our heart and smile since it keep you sweet moment. Otherwise, you may feel wanna rip or burn it when it give you bad moment.

So, a dress isn’t only an ordinary complement thing that help you increase your confidence, even more it can be the most special thing not only through it’s color or shape, but also the memory storing inside.

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