Wire wrapping jewelry


Wire wrapping jewelry techniques can be used in a variety of ways to produce amazing results you probably never thought they are possible. Wire wrapped settings require few materials and they use no heat or glue. We can make stunning necklace, pretty pendant or some great new earrings. When it comes to wire wrapping jewelry, the possibilities are endless.  You can choose design technique that suit your style best.

wire wrapping jewelry
Pink Sapphire Earrings

wire wrapping jewelry 3

Dana Kellin Spectacular Chain Swag Pendant Necklace

You can either choose expensive designs with real gemstones like Sapphire or go with cheaper but still great looking wire wrapping design and use some glass or sintetic beads.

wire wrapping jewelry 2

Dana Kellin Feminine Moonstone Hand Wire Wrapped Necklace

The raw simplicity of a bead or gemstone wrapped in wire is what makes wire pieces so beautiful. Every handmade wire jewelry is unique and one of a kind so when you purchase it, you are defintely purchasing also peace of art. It is great accessory for everyday or some gala event!

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